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  • Daniel | Ocena: 9 17.08.2018

    Great training, the trainer revealed deep technical knowledge and a very good English level, I'm very pleased.

  • Grzegorz | Ocena: 8 17.08.2018

    Wojciech is very charismatic instructor. He demonstrates deep knowledge of the subject and shows scenarios examples from real use cases. As I have been already working heavily with AWS services, I didnt get much new knowledge, but thanks to this sessions, I was able to clarify my doubts in various areas and ask for solutions from outside my playground. Computer set up was very well prepared for students. My only concern during classes was the poor air flow and ventilation of classroom, which as result of the lower oxygen/higher co2 level turned me a bit sleepy. Apart of this little issue, I am recommending both the instructor and the training center. Great job!

  • Kamil | Ocena: 8 27.07.2012

    Trener potrafi praktycznie wyjaśniac i pokazywać omawiane zagadnienia

  • Marcin | Ocena: 9 20.07.2012

    Duży plus za prezentację wideo

  • Rafał | Ocena: 9 18.05.2012

    Wyjątkowo sympatyczy i pomocny trener

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