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  • Damian | Ocena: 9 17.08.2018

    It was a pleasure to participate in that training

  • Tomasz | Ocena: 9 17.08.2018

    Best trener ever in my history of 20+ trainings through all past years. Professional, easiness with sharing knowledge and learning, always eager to solve trainees questions/problems etc. 

  • Natalia | Ocena: 9 17.08.2018

    Very good training. Provided by passion. 

  • Aleksander | Ocena: 9 17.08.2018

    The trainer - Michal Karski - is very skilled and the training is really good!

  • Janusz | Ocena: 9 17.08.2018

    Claudio is a really great person to drive courses like that one. He came here well-prepared and I could feel that he definitely knows what he is talking about. His passion and dedication helped me while participating in that course. He had no problems with adjusting to our schedule, when we wanted to extend course in one day to shorten it in another. Some labs we're not prepared to be done in eu-west-1 region and that bug was discovered in the middle of one of the labs. We had to retake the labs in another region (after a change made by instructor) and about 45 minutes were lost.

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