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  • Krzysztof | Ocena: 9 17.08.2018

    Training is on a top level. Skills gained reflect my knowledge of AWS and only part of the training covered new things from my point of view. Otherwise everything was exceptional.

  • Michał | Ocena: 9 17.08.2018

    Adam is a very good trainer with a lot of real world experience. I also like the fact that he makes small brakes when he sees that trainees are getting tired and need a quick break.

  • Maciej | Ocena: 9 17.08.2018

    Szkolenie dobrze przeprowadzone. Tematyka pozwala uzupełnić wiedzę osobom, które mają doświadczenie ze stosowaniem AWS.

  • Anna | Ocena: 8 17.08.2018

    Trainer was very well prepared and experienced

  • Michał | Ocena: 8 17.08.2018

    I am very happy with the training I have participated in. Adam was well prepared and is in general knowledgeable about the AWS. He has also got a fair amount of experience in software development which allowed him to touch this aspect often. This is exactly the approach I expected being a developer myself.

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