Training delivery methods

Choose the best method of training

    Instructor-led training in the classroom   Instructor-led online training
Training location   Classroom   Any place with internet access
Instructor   Certified instructor   Certified instructor
Availability of instructor   Direct   Direct online
Contact with the instructor and group   Direct   Direct online
Student's computer   PC + LCD   Your PC or
ACTIONconnect Pack
Privacy of training environment    
Laboratories environment    
Training materials    
Travel and acommodation costs     None

Instructor-led training in the classroom

Certified instructors conduct training sessions in computer rooms at our centres in Warsaw, Poznań and Katowice branch. A multimedia projector is provided for the lecturer's use. By directly interacting with the students, the instructor is able to answer questions as they come up during the session, and to provide assistance with practical assignments.

Each student works at a fact PC with an LCD screen and has access to an advanced laboratory environment, which is used for practical assignments.
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Instructor-led online training

Regardless of where they are, students are able to participate in training sessions conducted by certified instructors. The instructor interacts with the students remotely by broadcasting to student workstations video and sound from a camera or by displaying on their screens the desktop of his or her computer. By directly interacting with the students, the instructor can answer questions as they come up during the session. Students may ask questions at any time during the session by using a permanent audio connection or a chat facility. Taking advantage of remote access to laboratory environments, the instructor can assist students with their practical assignments.

Students can participate is training sessions using either their own equipment or a ACTIONconnect Pack.
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